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SENIOR LIVING IN MELROSEWhen seeking out excellent Senior Living in Melrose establishments, Saugus Rehab is an exceptional choice!

Conveniently located and renowned throughout the region, we’re the ones you can count on for serene surroundings, great accommodations, top-of-the-line services, and a fun and active social life!

With us, you’re free to live independently without the burden of any daily obligations!

This is a chapter of life where you’ll have time for the activities that inspire joy! By choosing us, you’re choosing to do more than just get through each day; you’re choosing to live well!

Get Best In Care Senior Living in Melrose

At Saugus Rehab, we’re quite particular regarding those we hire! This is reflected in the fact that we do extensive background checks that include drug screening for all potential employees.

It’s our utmost desire to provide those in our community with a staff that is trustworthy and has integrity so that they and their families can have full confidence regarding their safety and security! We also offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services.

We begin the process by completing an in-depth evaluation of the individual. Based on the results, combined with reviewing their health history, we’ll devise a customized plan to build up any areas of challenge or weakness.

What Is The Saugus Interpretation of Skilled Nursing?

All sessions will be implemented with an associate who can give guidance, direction, and encouragement as the individual works towards accomplishing the short and long-term goals listed on the specific plan. Reaching these goals bring you not only increased mobility and function, but a greater level of independence!

The accommodations and amenities we have for our Senior Living in Melrose community are absolutely wonderful! There’s your choice of an airy, serene, and spacious private or semi-private suite that comes with its own large, easy-to-access bathroom.

Each suite offers a backdrop that’s highly conducive to relaxing activities, such as reading, watching TV, or working on a favorite hobby or craft. Free cable, Wi-Fi, and internet are included, as are housekeeping services, including laundry!

Experience the Saugus Difference

If you’re someone who likes an active lifestyle, our recreational calendar will not disappoint! There’s quite the selection of events you can participate in, including such options as games, arts and crafts, sing-alongs, coffee socials, movies, and concerts, just to name a few!

These happenings bring with them many opportunities to meet others and make new friends with whom you’ll have lots in common!

The interactions can continue in our charming dining room, where you can partake in delicious meals that are freshly prepared by our culinary chef and associates! There’s fun in store when you decide on Saugus for your next chapter of life!

Senior Living Community Near Melrose

We want to help seniors stay healthy and happy through our holistic approach that includes wellness programs like:
● Tai Chi
● Yoga, and
● Fresh produce from our on-site garden.

To learn more about how we can make your senior years the best you’ve ever been, contact us by phone or stop by today!

If you are looking for a comfortable and welcoming place to live in your golden years, then The Saugus Rehab and Nursing is the perfect option. Our senior living community offers all the amenities and services you need to enjoy a relaxed and worry-free retirement.

We have everything you need to make the most out of your golden years, from spacious apartments to on-site healthcare and social activities.

Services Offered At Saugus Rehab & Nursing

We offer a variety of services to our seniors here at Melrose. We have a wide variety of activities and amenities to keep our seniors active and engaged, as well as personalized care plans to meet each resident’s needs.

Some of the services we offer include:

Assisted Living

Assisted living is one of the services that we offer at Melrose. It is an excellent option for seniors who need help with their day-to-day activities but don’t want to live in a nursing home.

Our assisted living residents enjoy the same amenities as our other residents and have their private rooms. One of the benefits of assisted living is that it allows seniors to stay in a familiar environment. That can help them feel more comfortable and secure, making their transition to assisted living easier.

In addition, our staff members have experience working with seniors and dedication to providing them with the best possible care.

Memory Care

For seniors with memory loss, sometimes living alone can be problematic.

In addition, seniors moving into a new home or apartment may find the environment challenging without assistance. For this reason, our Melrose community offers memory care services that can help seniors stay comfortable and safe in their new homes.

Our memory care program meets the specific needs of each senior. We work with families to create a personalized plan to help seniors stay engaged and active in their community.

If you consider moving your loved one into a memory care community, please contact us to schedule a tour. We would be happy to show you around our beautiful community and answer any questions you may have.

Rehabilitation Services

The Saugus provides various rehabilitation services to help seniors recover from illness or injury. Services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and more.

Our team of experts will work with you and your loved ones to create a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs. We also offer short-term rehabilitation services designed for seniors who need help recovering from an illness or injury.

These services can help you get back on your feet quickly so you can return home as soon as possible.

For Senior Living In Melrose – Saugus Rehab

If you wish to know more about Saugus Rehab and the amazing Senior Living in Melrose that can be yours, please feel free to get in touch with us at (781)233-6830!

Our nursing home staff work with family members and caretakers to ensure that their loved ones’ needs are met. Experienced nurses also try to transition from a hospital or home environment to a skilled nursing facility as smoothly as possible for both patients and families.

Senior Living homes, such as Saugus Rehab and Nursing Center, provide a comfortable and home-like environment for those individuals who need specialized or around-the-clock care.

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