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Skilled Nursing In Saugus

Nursing Home & RehabilitationWhen it comes to choosing a trustworthy Skilled Nursing in Saugus facility for a loved one with certain chronic health issues, Saugus Rehab and Nursing should be the one you look into first!

With more than 50 years in the field, we have senior care down to a science!  Our location is immaculate, inviting, and bright, and our staff is supportive, compassionate, and highly skilled!

We serve those in our community in a manner that brings them comfort, peace of mind, and contentment!

Professional Skilled Nursing In Saugus

By choosing Saugus Rehab and Nursing, you’re setting up your family member to have a future that’s positive, hopeful, and healing to the mind, body, and soul.

Our medical team is comprised of therapists, nurses, physicians, and aides who are on a mission to see our patients and residents gain ground through wellness victories that will bring them greater mobility and independence.

It all starts with a thorough evaluation and review of the individual’s previous health history so that we can fully understand their areas of strength, as well as those that are more challenging.

Once these results have been obtained, we’ll then put together a plan with short and long-term goals that may include physical, occupational, speech, recreational, and/or cognitive therapy to help this person reach their highest potential!

Our Skilled Nursing in Saugus staff are whole-hardheartedly dedicated to working with our patients and residents in a variety of ways!

First of all, your loved one will be set up for success as our associates encourage them by not only guiding them through the different therapies and services that incorporate their wellness plan, but by cheering them on, praising them on what they do correctly and celebrating with them as they reach specific goals!

In addition, we’ll make sure that they have ample social opportunities through attending different events listed on our recreational calendar so that they don’t keep to themselves a majority of the time. We know that interacting with others can greatly contribute to one’s overall level of wellness.

Skilled Nursing In Saugus

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At Saugus Rehab and Nursing, our accommodations and amenities do much to add more joy to your senior’s quality of life! You can choose either a private or semi-private suite for them that’s spotless, cheerful, has lovely décor, and includes its own large, easy to access bathroom.

The ambiance is one that’s conducive to refreshment and enjoyable activities such as reading, watching TV, working on a favorite craft, or just relaxing! Furthermore, there are a few lounges throughout our facility that are perfect for reading, people watching, and even spending time with new friends!

If you’d like to find out more about how Saugus Rehab and Nursing can be a wonderful Skilled Nursing in Saugus option for your senior family member, please feel free to call us at (781)233-6830.

Our nursing home staff work with family members and caretakers to ensure that their loved ones’ needs are met. Experienced nurses also try to transition from a hospital or home environment to a skilled nursing facility as smoothly as possible for both patients and families.

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